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Football is the means by which the club promotes and encourages discipline, teamwork and a strong sense of fair play and sportsmanship in all its players and members. This is achieved by:


• Supporting the Club and its players.

• Encouraging the players to play by the rules.

• Never publicly questioning an official’s decision or doubting their honesty.

• Applauding good play by either team.

• Using neither unfair tactics or gamesmanship.

• Never being verbally, physically or racially abusive.

• Never humiliating a player or team by shouting or ridiculing them for making a mistake or losing.

• Not shouting or screaming.

• Avoiding coaching any child during the game.

• Doing anything that will bring the game of football into disrepute.

• Encouraging and developing all players irrespective of ability.

• Ensuring that players are encouraged to play for their enjoyment and not others ambition.

• Remembering football is a team game and appreciating every players role

• Winning with grace and accepting defeat graciously.

• Appreciating the role played by coaches, managers and other adults involved in running the Club.

• Being proud to be a member of Rye Bay FC and what it stands for.

Please click on the below PDF files for more information on our code of conduct procedures as well as the FA guidlines we also follow.

Our Code of Conduct

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